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MRT/LEAP client with GI symptoms, headaches, fatigue, and cough

I have struggled with stomach and intestinal discomfort for many years, along with frequent headaches, intense fatigue, and an annoying cough.  All of my symptoms were chalked up to my chronic lung disease.  After countless visits to various doctors with no real helpful insight, I was feeling miserable…and desperate.  When Amy shared with me some of the success stories she’d had with her clients on the LEAP program, I figured I had nothing to lose and (possibly) everything to gain.

As a result of my blood test, I embarked on a stringent way of eating.  While at first it was challenging, I started to feel more energetic within about 3 days and my GI problems improved pretty soon after.  The surprising thing was my chronic cough also got better.  It was like having a whole new lease on life!

As I have progressed through the LEAP diet plan with Amy’s support, my dietary choices have broadened again but without the return of most of my symptoms.  If I start to feel fatigued, or experience headaches, GI upset, or an increased cough, I can usually take a look at what I’m eating, make some changes, and begin to feel better.

While following the LEAP plan can be difficult and demanding, Amy made it seem doable with her frequent check-ins, meal and snack suggestions, and her cheerleading.  I owe my health improvements to Amy and would highly recommend her services to anyone who wishes to feel better!


MRT/LEAP client with GI symptoms, low energy, migraines, and brain fog

Prior to taking the MRT test and starting my LEAP protocol I was very poor functioning. I had the energy to go to the grocery store each day but that was it. I am 18 years old and so that is very abnormal. My most notable symptoms were not digesting food well, debilitating migraines and major brain fog. I had tried the whole-30, Paleo and AIP and stuck to a very clean diet. The MRT results first off gave me piece of mind. It confirmed foods I thought weren’t working for me and told me foods I was consuming frequently weren’t working for me. The LEAP protocol gave me my ‘safe foods’. I knew I was eating foods that I wasn’t reacting to and so that I was doing the best I could food wise.

C. B.


Nutrition client with stomach cramps

I had severe stomach cramps and many bowel movements. I would take Imodium many times. The diet helped tremendously.


Coaching Client- To this day I benefit from the tools I learned

I worked with Amy over the course of several months in 2014.  At the time, I was struggling to find my identity as a new mother and take time to focus on myself without feeling guilty.  Amy helped me to see the value to myself, spouse and daughter in seeking wellness.  She guided me to define specific, realistic and measurable goals and challenged the way I thought and spoke to myself.  To this day, I benefit from and continue to use the tools I learned and the insight I gained from our sessions.

M. B. Z.